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I died then came back, but strangely?

I died, then came back... All while maintaining my presence here. I felt the soul and am now confident I know what it is, and how it is separate ...

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Why does my fiancé shut down?

My fiancé shuts down a lot. You may say, stonewalling, but we never argue. He’s the perfect man. We are literal soul mates. But every so ...

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If souls do exist, then do souls have souls? Isn’t the soul nothing more than an idea and not?

My inquiry is this: if “souls” do exist then why does it need a host to survive if a soul is able to move around freely in space (I am ...

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If illuminati is bad why do celebs join?

if illuminati is bad, why do so many people join? what do they do? do they literally sell their souls? how do they join, and / or ...

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What is an anime anyone would suggest me watching?

Please do not say bleach,Naruto,Hitman Reborn,or Soul eater because i've finished them all.(I loved two of them ...

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Do animals have souls?

basicaly i have a dog, i have had him for just over a year now, since then I have grown very close to him, he is now one of the family. he has such ...

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Name some of your favorite homemade recipes?

preferably soul food recipes. But feel free to name others as well.

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