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Why did the Soviets refrain from backing Baluch separatists in Pakistan?

Why did the Soviets refrain from backing Baluch separatists in Pakistan in retaliation for their harboring of Afghan mujahideen?

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What was the Soviet Union's main goal at the Tehran Conference, held at the end of 1943?

to convince the Allies to attack Germany from the West to assure communist ...

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Why did the United States support the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?

A. To prevent Japan from developing an atomic bomb B. To prepare for a ...

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Movie about soviet school for spies?

Years ago I've seen a movie about soviet school for spies. The film was probably from the 80s. Maybe early 90s. It is was a ...

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Are communist countries able to become as rich as western capitalist countries?

As an historian, specialized in Communist, Cold War, Soviet Union and Second World War ...

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What were the views of the soviet union and the USA on how to treat Nazi leaders?

I wanted to know different countries' views on treating the Nazi Leaders after ...

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