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What are the key benefits of dental implants?

The key benefits of dental implants in brief: Natural appearance and feel. Improved functionality for eating and speaking. Long-lasting and durable. ...

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What other types of cryptocurrency is there?

They all depend on blockchain technology, but there are many differences. Broadly speaking, we will classify them into four categories: Payment ...

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A French friend said "Tu es très blageuse dis donc (;" What does this mean?

I don't speak French, so we've been speaking through a translator. I said: ...

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Is ielts test an easy test?

If I'm an average english-speaking guy, can i get a score of 6.5?

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What is an appropriate punishment for a wife speaking out of turn?

My wife and I were at a coworker's house for a dinner party. My wife spoke without being addressed ...

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My friend treats me like I m a compulsive liar when I'm speaking the truth.What advise would u give?

One of my friends always thinks im lying when he asks me stuff. It s ...

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How do you English people keep up with all the words,idioms, and other aspects?

How do u compare yourself to people who speak a second language? I speak a second language ...

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