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How do I get salt out of untreated wood, or neutralize its hygroscopic properties?

I spilled A LOT of salt on this untreated wood floor. (1-2 lbs spread over about a 6ft area) I cleaned up the salt the next day, but it had absorbed ...

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Multiple Docs?

Is there anyway to make multiple questionnaires feed one spread sheet. For example, I want a duplicate sign in on iPads in multiple offices. They ...

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I wake up every night at more or less 2am in the morning with a pain in my spine?

it feels like a sharp needle pain and as i move it spreads from that point to my ribs. ...

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Give examples of how U.S. culture has spread to other countries around the world. In your examples,?

... have U.S. products been modified, if at all, to suit other ...

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I’m looking for creative ways to help spread awareness about suicide. Different and creative things that may help somebody with suicidal ...

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How can I make more friends?

I'm really depressed because a girl I go to school with ruined my social life. She got rumors about me cussing at her spread. And now I ...

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