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What is a similar word to support group or same meaning to it?

I am trying to make a gift for a group of co-workers and staff but I need a shorter word for support group for my gift, which is really hard to find ...

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Describe your experience supervising staff. How many years of experience as a supervisor, number...

...of people, type of staff (administrative, professional) etc.?

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Hogroast at a big bbq. Having mixed reviews though?

We are hosting a BBQ with all the old staff and were thinking about having a spit roast. I have had a lot of mixed ...

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How do I talk to a girl I am interested in at this coffee shop I go to?

I got to a certain coffee shop almost everyday to do my school work. I am pretty familiar with the ...

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How big will my half staff half labrador grow?

My half staff half labrador is black, his ears are floppy and high going down low. At 20 weeks, people/dog walkers are ...

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How do I report a doctor's office for rude staff? How do I report a hospital staff?

Hospital states excellence. But I don't feel they give excellent care. Last time ...

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Help,what can I do to stop people in africa I think from using my pics?

Am Adam Knabe,a staff sgt in the army! How can I get hold of people who stole my photos from ...

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