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I find myself pacing/standing/curling up into small spaces for long hrs even when I'm relaxing.Why?

Can't sit still, multiple thoughts rushing together at once, that when I force myself to concentrate my vision gets out of focus and my mind ...

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What are some part time jobs for high school students that dont require much standing?

I deal with physical pains such as fibromyalgia and was wondering if anyone knew of some odd jobs or part time jobs that don't require standing ...

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Standing on ground How can you tell 400 feet in the air ?

Can you use building or floor flight for an example

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Why did I have a dream about my ex-boyfriend?

Okay well me and My ex-boyfriend where standing infornt of a table and he put his arm around me and said "oh honey, ...

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Do I need a date for my best friends wedding?

The wedding is May 29. The invitation read "and guest" and it's killing me. I'm also standing up. Do I ...

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What's ur opinion?

i write this song and i want an opinion .plz Gathered here with my family ... My neighbours and my friends Standing firm together against oppression ...

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Alright. I'm a junior in high school (11th grade) & I just started last week. So I noticed this cute

... guy in one of my classes & I kinda look at him a lot I ...

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