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Someone in Thailand is defaming me on social media. How do I deal with this? It's effecting locally?

This person is defaming me through social media because I gave him a strike for stealing my content on ytube. I had tried to resolve it with him but ...

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I think my publisher is stealing from me. Do you think they are?

I have a low Amazon ranking, I bought copies of my own book, and I have 10 reviews. But the publisher says no sales were made and they owe me no ...

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I was at a store and a cop called me to come down. They have me stealing merchandise. Should I go?

They got my number because I paid with my credit card?

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How much is a petty theft ticket from walmart?

How much is a ticket for petty theft? A friend of mine got caught stealing saline solution at walmart and they just took ...

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Is my mom unfair?

I am 15 and my halfbrother is 10. my mom divorced his dad and has been soft on him for it. My bother commits Identity theif by stealing $200 from our ...

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My younger sister is more loved than me, what do I do?

My younger sister always seems to be stealing the spotlight. I know my relatives and family try to divide their ...

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If my friend was caught stealing would I get a ticket?

She was stealing but I wasent would I get fined for that I have never stolen ever? What happens to me

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