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I took a factory stereo out of a 97 Ford Explorer and hooked it up in a 98 Dodge Ranger?

It had a aftermarket stereo in the ranger that work perfect. I put that aftermarket stereo in the Explorer and it works fine and after putting the ...

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Recording with "stereo mix" black jack?

I at one time had my mixer recording into my computer using "stereo mix" through my pink(mic) jack... it now says in the properties jack ...

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What is the point of a Stereo Male to Male Cable?

What is the point of a Stereo Male to Male Cable? I'm looking for a mic to use for audio recording, and a mic I am ...

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How do I change the language of my stereo eclipse 112MRC from japanese to english?

Hi all! I have a late Suzuki Swift 2012. With it I got the touch screen stereo of the ...

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Can a aux cable be connected to a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse on the factory stereo?

Trying to see if its possible to connect aux cable to a stock stereo on a eclipse 2001 ...

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What happens if the number on my speakers are more than the number on the back of my stereo?

on the back of my stereo there is a number with what looks like headphones ...

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Smaller amplifier needed. But which?

I have a pair of Phillips M730s which are an old stereo system. It has a huge amp (which I can't fit in my room) but delivers ...

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