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Stocks X and Y have the following probability distributions of expected future returns:?

... Probability X Y 0.1 – 10% – 35% 0.2 2 0 0.4 12 20 0.2 20 25 0.1 38 45 a) Calculate the expected rate of return, ḱy, for Stock Y ( ...

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Can anyone give advice about preferred stocks?

I inherited a little money and never had much or invested before. Because CD rates were almost 0, I bought all preferred stocks averaging about a 7% ...

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Whats best way to invest $30,000 stock,realestate,other ?

any help would be appreciated im 23 and have at least 30 thousand coming in just wanna do the right thing with ...

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Which stock comes under penny stocks?

HI ,i want to do investment in stock market,can anybody suggest me the good plan for stocks investment ?

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How does a Stock Market work?

Can anyone briefly explain the working of a stock market? Please tell me about its functioning.

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How can I find dress online using tags/barcode?

I have a dress with the tags/barcode still on it and i want to re-sell online but i cannot find the original "stock ...

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