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Question - SITUATION: Imagine you are in a strange country where people talk to you, but you do not?

... understand what they are saying. They use strange tools to eat and you cannot figure out how to use them. They try to feed you food you do not ...

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What is going on with my body?

What is going on with my body? I ate but still feel hungry, my stomach has been upset since yesterday with dirrariha but it was strange it was just ...

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What does it mean when a guy that you never talked to is nice with you?

So there's this guy that I like in my P.E class. The other day, we were playing volleyball ...

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Not sure if this is OCD or just my natural weirdness?

Lol. I take pictures of the most random, pointless things, but it gives me a strange sense of relief because I feel ...

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Skyrim, or Oblivion?

I would like to get one of these games, but which one is better? I hear that Oblivion feels more alive, but the graphics are strange. Skyrim has ...

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Is my future prescribed?

Hey guys! I know that this will sound strange but please don't jump into quick conclusions:) So,since a very young age I have been trying to ...

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Lack of sleep. Help?

I had this problem wednesday at 1 in the morning. It was quite strange because I randomly woke up at that time and when I closed my eyes to sleep ...

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