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Voodoo - Why would a woman ask a man for one of his black shirts?

I was dating this lady and she is from New Orleans and I thought it was mighty strange that she asked to have one of my black shirts to sleep in

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Hamster acting strange?

I got a hamster 12 days ago and until today she was staying at a friend's house in the mountains. I just took her back home down at sea level. ...

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Personal Computer - We have a personal network set up with our two desk top computers, a laptop, and

... 2 printers. However, one computer does not always recognize the other two, and sometimes there is a "strange" computer, with a ...

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What does it mean when a guy that you never talked to is nice with you?

So there's this guy that I like in my P.E class. The other day, we were playing volleyball ...

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Not sure if this is OCD or just my natural weirdness?

Lol. I take pictures of the most random, pointless things, but it gives me a strange sense of relief because I feel ...

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What is h5 2/hs 2?

Tonight, me and my mom heard strange, unfamiliar ringing coming from upstairs. When I found where it was coming from, I found out that the ...

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Skyrim, or Oblivion?

I would like to get one of these games, but which one is better? I hear that Oblivion feels more alive, but the graphics are strange. Skyrim has ...

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Is my future prescribed?

Hey guys! I know that this will sound strange but please don't jump into quick conclusions:) So,since a very young age I have been trying to ...

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