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Falling from the sky?

So if you were somehow falling from the sky and hanging onto a pole sideways with a structure that holds it high like monkey bars, would I be able to ...

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What are the main components of the flat screen printing machine?

The new job is about machinery, which requires a detailed understanding of the structure of flat screen printing machine.

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What music would I like?

Bands i really like are: Disturbed System Of A Down Wolfmother If you can think of any music with similar song structures, it doesn't even ...

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How should I structure my essay?

I have an essay and I have no Idea how to structure it. The question is " To what extent is the USA a 21st century ...

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Please help english?

1)What is a distinguishing characteristic of a Shakespearean sonnet? a)the rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg b)uniformity of sentence structure ...

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