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I am studying in seven standard. I always prepare answers for class tests. I remember all...

... answers at home to class room when I get the question paper I forget what I had studied. Please help me give me solution for this.

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I am wondering how 1.3 - 3.2 = -1.9 and not -2.1?

I'm studying algebra online and I got asked this question in a test and I am wondering how this works, what am I missing, or is the test itself ...

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I would like request help if possible someone help me. I'm studying for home inspection NYS.

I would like to request help if possible someone help me. I'm studying for home inspection NYS exam. I need help if someone can help me in a ...

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Why do black people smell so bad? I am studying in Houston and on the train to my school or even the

... classroom I feel really annoying with that smell. Why?

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How do we distinguish between a person who is religious and a person who isn't?

We're studying Buddhism from 'The World's Religions' by Huston Smith ...

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How should I study to be succesful?

If you are in hight school

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What is the best book for studying chemistry [class 12th cbse] ??

guys! i m not gng to any coaching nor i attend the school. so plz recommend me a book in which the ...

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I m in love with a girl studying in 7th class. how to impress her?

I am studying 9th class and i love her very much but the problem is we don't know much about each ...

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