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What are the moral arguments against eating eggs?

There are many reasons why one might choose to not eat meat and they are well known (causes suffering to animals, isn't healthy etc.) and the ...

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Are there any known substances in common multivitamin which in excessive levels could cause muscles?

I have been suffering of hip pain for about 6 years and the last magnetic resonance shows a bilateral muscle tear in the ilio-femoral muscle. After ...

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Which of these three games would you rather watch be live-streamed?

Hollow Knight The Witcher Trilogy Or Cuphead I've got a stream to organize and I'm suffering from the can't-decides. What say you?

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Why should we save lions from suffering extinction?

why should we save lions from disappearence and death

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How can I make the world a better place?

To me, this means reducing human suffering and ignorance. What I'm interested in are practical ways to make a dramatic ...

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Describe the care you will provide to your family member (father) suffering from Physiotherapy?

your father is suffering from Physiotherapy

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Google - Will I be assaulted if I wear a tartan kilt in America?

Will I be assaulted if I wear a tartan kilt in America? To put this in to perspective, I am a disabled ...

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Not to be too detailed, I've been suffering from depression for about three years. This past month or so has been really bad. But in the weeks ilwere ...

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