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New hamster not as active and not eating ?

I recently got a hamster about 2 weeks ago and at first he was eating but he was v picky and was hoarding his food and super active the first week . ...

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Was I raped? I feel like its my fault but people say it wasn't. About 2 weeks ago I was at my good?

... guy friends house and we got super high and I was like half ...

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I want to dress up my bf as a girl. Like full on girly girl. What should I make him wear?(:?

My boyfriend decided to let me dress him up as a girl for a month and I want ...

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Im 12 and have chest pains?

Hi. im 12. And, i get some chest pains. They dont last for a super long time. Maybe, 2 minutes? But, if i drink a cup of water, it feels ...

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What is her problem?

my friend is mad at me because i told her a friend of mine liked her and i told her not to say nothin to him because he is super shy around girls he ...

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Hi, I want to hang my glass on my bedroom . any strong super glue suggestion ?

my glass is quite heavy hope that have strong super glue can support the glass . thanks

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