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Is Natasha Rimsky from Dark Water some kind of god or goddess?

I'm asking this because of her incredible supernatural powers over water amongst other things.

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I know a tribrid is somebody born of three different supernatural races, but what's a person...

...called if they are born of six? Example: Hope from Legacies. Also somebody born of a werewolf, witch, and a vampire? This is for a supernaturally ...

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How to meet Jensen Ackles?

I've always wanted to meet Jensen Ackles, the coolest actor ever. He plays dean Winchester in supernatural. So to make my dream come true, how ...

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I really want a new life?

When I say I want a different life I mean I want to be Someone else or choice the way I look and live cause I'm really depressed I ...

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Sims 3 Supernatural or Sims 3 Seasons?

Im having a hard time deciding which sims add on I should get and I would like someones opinion on the 2 games.

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Wearing Pagan Symbols as a Christain?

I know it sounds odd, very odd actually that I use for this but I'm impatient. I'm Catholic and a fan of the ...

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Will Destiel become canon?

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