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I'm an artist but I don't know how to monetize my talent so I can accept orders. I need a mentor?

Where can I find mentor in an art business & community building? Is anyone willing to help? I'm working in a non-profit organization and I ...

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1. Clearly, music plays a life-giving function in the story, whereby Nil blesses others with his?

... musical talent. Consider an example where you, like Nil, have used a talent to bring life (enrichment) to others, or else make a connection to ...

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I feel like I have no talent. Can anything help me?

I'm 15 and I seem to be pretty mature for my age, but I'm diving headfirst into that part of life where your ...

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Are left handed people more creative?

I Know that anyone can be creative. But I'm wondering if left handed people are better a drawing or painting. I'm a lefty ...

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What is a good song for an alto to sing at a talent show?

I don't know much musical terminology, so the fact that I'm an alto is about as detailed as I can get. ...

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Swedısh (suggestıons)?

ı decıded to learn swedısh :) ı know ıt ıs not a popular one but ı love languages ıt ıs my talent :) so dont ask me why :D (okay ı am not good at ...

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