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A 3 kg cart at the bottom of a hill is trying to move up a frictionless hill that is 22 meters tall?

... How much kinetic energy is needed for the cart to reach the top of the hill?

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You stand on top a building 44 m tall with a water balloon. You drop the water balloon from rest.

How fast is the balloon moving when it is halfway down the building (assume no friction)?

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Tree - I have bought an acacia pravissima this spring- ovens wattle, I know it has to be at least...

... 3 years old before it flowers - but I have no idea what age it is now at about 3 feet tall? Just last month there was new growth of 6". Any ...

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How tall is Faze Apex?

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The rocks displacement in the last second before it hits the ground is 45% of the entire distance i?

a rock is dropped from the top of a tall building. the rocks ...

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Im a girl 170 cm tall (5'7) I really want to be taller, will I ?

my moms 165 and my dads 173. I really want to be like 175. please hit me back as soon as possible, i ...

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I am a 17 yrs old girl and just 4'10" tall..since my puberty is almost going to end I want to know?

... what can i do to increase my height..i even thought to go for ...

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I'm 5'3 tall and I'm a girl. Would I be accepted in hs basketball team?

I would greatly appreciate your answers :)

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