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Why is the American science fair system so skewed?

My project was about how to measure the density of teas using photo-resistors, and I explained how it can be translated to other aspects of science. ...

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Why aren't you supposed to apply tea tree oil directly to your face?

I have a bottle of 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil that I use on my body for acne and other blemishes. It works on them and I have acne on my face that I want ...

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Milk,tea and lemon are good for skin?

is it milk,tea and lemon are good for the whitening skin?

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Which one's better: tea or coffee?

I grew up drinking coffee; it doesn't necessarily help me wake up but there is something comforting about starting my day with a ...

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Should I make my tea/coffee with tap water?

I'm concerned about the water quality, please let me know what you do.

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What is the best way to remove mold from inside a cast iron teapot?

I seem to have put my teapot away in storage with leaves still in. What is the best way to sanitize ...

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