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Skill training in Malaysia?

Get top-notch online teaching and expert courses in Malaysia. Elevate your skills with EduGenMY's comprehensive training programs. Start ...

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Why should numbers under 10 be spelled out in writings?

I am a Japanese teacher teaching English in Japan. I was teaching the general rules in writing essays, and I taught to my students, "numbers ...

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Was Jesus thought to be God by his 12 Apostoles?

Did they think of him as God or as God's son? If not where did idea or teaching start?

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Can a Muslim girl marry a non-believer who accepts to declare Islam?

If the non-believer guy accepts converting to Islam and teaching the kids Islam while still keeping ...

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As a math teacher, how do you use the calculator in your teaching?

I am a middle school teacher and I am looking for new ways to use the calculator with my students. As ...

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What do I do that my music teacher's teaching us the wrong way to play the clarinet?

She tells us to put the right hand on top, says that we have to be able to reach ...

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