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I got my wisdom teeth out today, accidentally swished water once, was that enough to cause dry?

... socket? (It was to get food out that was stuck in the extraction site and it didn't work and now idk whether or not the blood clots are ...

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Tooth implants and steam room?

I'm recovering from teeth implants Is ok to use the sauna, steam room and pool?

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Why my tooth socket stop bleeding after removing the clot?

Okay so I went into surgery this morning to get my wisdom teeth, an extra tooth, and a baby tooth removed. A few minuets ago (many more then 4 hours) ...

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If you lose your permanent teeth, do they grow back?

I lost all my teeth in a terrible car accident. The car got rear-ended and my teeth smashed on the dashboard and ...

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Why am I so ugly ?

Like .. im fat , sooo short , my teeth are crooked .. nobody ever likes me , yes some people call me cute, liike one ir two . I cant take it anymore, ...

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Can you get dental implants if you have healthy teeth, my teeth are crooked and I want good teeth?

I have healthy teeth but they are crooked, I want perfect teeth so ...

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Is there a solution for whiter teeth? If there is please tell me about it?

I want whiter teeth. My teeth are always off white. They're always never white!

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How long do the teeth whitening effects last?

I know that teeth whitening is not permanent. How long do they last? How can we increase the effect of teeth whitening?

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