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Why do warmer ocean temps cause ocean wind speeds to be faster?

Why do warmer ocean temperatures cause ocean wind speeds to be faster? I know this creates stronger, faster, and more powerful hurricanes, but I ...

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What is wrong with my temperature sensitivity?

When it is cold outside, as in close to freezing point or below it I can go out without a coat and not be cold or affected, but when in a cool/warm ...

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Body temperature at 94.2° Fahrenheit?

I'm 14 and feeling very sick today. I have aches, I'm very cold, tired, and walking can make me dizzy. I don't have a fever. In fact, ...

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What happens when there's a huge temperature change in fridge?

So when my fridge is set at 2'C, does the fridge cooler activate (at 2'C as before) longer time ...

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Possibly pregnant?

For about two weeks now, i have been having dizziness, nausea, headaches, and i have been getting very hot, my temperature has went up to 99 more than ...

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Temperature of liquid water?

what temperature does water need to be to maintain a liquid form? this isn't for a school assignment...

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