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Is it okay to move my gerbils cage around a lot?

I have two gerbils that I keep in a ten gallon glass tank and I move them to the living room with me during the day and then back to my bedroom at ...

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Base Ten Blocks?

Misty and Brooke have a group of base 10 blocks. Misty has 6 more blocks and Brooke. Brooks blocks represent 17. To gather they have 22 blocks, and ...

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How to make your girlfriend kiss you?

I'm brendan and I love this girl in my class and I want her to kiss mell we are both ten. How do I get that to happen??? No ...

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Is the manga Fairy Tail appropriate for a 10 going into 11 year old?

I am a ten year old boy and I have read, and watched a bunch on Fairy Tail. My parents are wondering ...

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Please help me with math very important?

Question 1 (Matching Worth 1 points) [5.01] MA.6.A.2.1 Match each pair of equivalent ratios. Match Term Definition ten over ...

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How do you get a girlfriend when you're ten and fifth grade?

I'm 10 and in 5th grade and everybody but my friends make fun of me I have a pretty big crush on one ...

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