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Is the lump in my testicle cancer?

so i went to the doctors and they checked it out. they then told me i have to go to a hospital so they can check my blood and ultrasound. after they ...

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Diagnosed with epididymitis about 4 months ago. No STD. Any advice?

Antibiotics stopped the pain that was in my left testicle for 2 ish weeks, but now it’s back in both balls and is arguably worse. I ...

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Orchitis not clearing up after antibiotics?

One day I noticed my testicles were swollen and went to a doctor was told orchitis. He gave me some Doxycyline and sent me home. I was good after ...

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How will having one testicle affect a person? Would you receive less testosterone?

When I was 14 I had one testicle get infected and it got twice the size of the other ...

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Is it normal for my middle testicle to be smaller than my other two?

please hurry - I am really worried that I might not be normal

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Testicle Inflammes?

Just above my right Testicle seems to inflame when I don't use the bathroom for a long period of Time, or when I poop. If It keeps growing in ...

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Pain in testicle?

Last night, my husband feel pain in his left testicle. It lasted for a couple of hours. There is no swelling or injury. Is this serious? Is it necessary ...

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