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Can my child have CHIP and private insurance in Texas?

If my child currently has CHIP health insurance in Texas, can i still buy them private health insurance? Or can they only have CHIP.

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I've been with my sig other7 yrs we are both on soc sec...he's in hospice and they want his check?

... but I need a weeks rent out of it so I don't lose our place to live I am the contact between hospice and his kids who are in Texas. We are ...

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What do I do in this situation?

I am 18 years old and I met this girl on my ps3. She lives in texas and I live in California. After a while we started dating and we would ...

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Move for Love??

I am in love with my ex. He lives in Texas and I live in Montana. He is a full time single dad to a wonderful 5 year old daughter. Pros: I am very sure ...

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What is your position with the thousands of illegal immigrants in Texas?

Personally I am shocked that the president wants to grant amnesty for these illegals. Our border ...

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