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What does it mean when a boy changes the Subject?

So this guy I have a big crush on has been texting me and I brought up the subject of him thinking I'm cute and he just started changing the ...

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What should I do if I got a lunch detention and I know I didn't deserve it?

I was texting my friend and I called them Gay! They told me to chill with the gay stuff then he called me a LESBO! Then I told him i'm not as ...

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She likes me but now idk if she does now?

I'm 16 and in high school and this girl one day asks for my number so I gave it to her and we started texting. We became ...

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He said he really likes me, but he stopped texting me. It's been 2 days now without text messages.?

... :(? Please help! There is a guy I met a few months ago. We ...

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How to entertain a guy while texting ?

text a bf but trying to entertain him with out being sexual

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Iphone free texting app?

I need a iphone app for free text it has to be one that recivers dont need to have it can be a cydia tweek aswell

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Can friends sext in a joking manner without it meaning anything?

So my friend and I were texting and jokingly it turned a bit sexual, I was pretty sure it was all jokes ...

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