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When can the priority of a java thread get lowered?

A. When sleep() is called B. When yield() is called C. When preempted by a higher priority thread D. When wait() is called

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To people who has ever read “A pool of blue thread”?

What do you think is the good point and bad point of Abby Whitshank in her characteristics. I’m having a debate over this theme but ...

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How to select the lucky commenter in a social media comment thread?

Say I am willing to give away stuff on a regular basis. So I start a thread in a social media. I trying to figure out a way to choose the lucky ...

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What are the first things that come to your mind while speaking about Russia in a political way?

This question is for people from the US only. I am trying to see what ...

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How to cut thred in small pieces?

Want to kbow how to cut thread / manja in to very small pieces?

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Given the following outlined characteristics, what are some career options that one should consider?

Thank you for your help. The purpose of this thread is to increase my ...

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Messenger-What does it mean in a message thread when it says 'See Latest Updates ' in blue ?

And will the other person in the conversation know if I've clicked on ...

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