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Windows - File copying. Why do I get error "file is too large for the destination file system"??

Using Win 7. Trying to copy 6 GBYTE file to a thumb drive with 200 GBYTE unused... Why do I get an error message "file is too large for the ...

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Wrist pain for 2 weeks, I’ve taken Advil, wrested it, inflammation still at base of thumb and pain

Seen doctor they said most likely not fracture, but also said it should be gone after taking Advil and it’s been 2 weeks. Pain comes after ...

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What happens?

What happens when you give an answer a thumbs down on this site? I really want to know, so please don't remove this question. I'm curious.

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Is it normal for my thumb to be numb for 13 hours after playing bass clarinet for the first time?

I started playing bass clarinet yesterday and I had tonnes of success ...

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Love - So online, a guy was invited into a group chat that included my crush. So we both planned to?

... make my crush jealous. So we pretend to date & my crush ...

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I am in a spica cast. I'm banging, twisting and hooking my exposed thumb. Will cause more injury?

Seems I'm constantly hooking, banging my exposed thumb off ...

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When I update my messenger at android thumbs up button doesnt work please help?

When I update my messenger to its latest I cant use the thumbs up button while with the ...

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Nail biting?

I stopped biting my nails recently, but before I did I but both of my thumb nails completely off, due to stress in my life. All my other nails are fine and ...

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