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I have a tiny red dot on my lip?

I've had it ever since I can remember, and it isn't a bump, and it isn't painful. It is very small. Could it be a freckle or a ...

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What should I do about my 5 year old weeping cherry that got buds that never opened?

It got really cold in February and it got tiny buds, then it was freezing cold for about 6 weeks. No leaves no flowers. Still just the tiny buds. ...

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Mites living in my mouth?

It’s revolting. Whenever I rinse my mouth, scores..sometimes hundreds of tiny creatures pepper my sink. They are not”miniscule”, ...

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How to decor a tiny office to fit more people?

Hi everyone... For temporary bases we have to share a 9 sqm office and we're 6 people!! LOL I'm looking for any ...

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Bug spray in mouth?

got a tiny bit of raid bug spray in mouth am I ok i rinsed and brushed teeth several times

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I bleed when I poo and I get a feeling every now and again where I can't breathe in because it hurts

Nearly everytime I poo, it has a tiny tint of red to it, or sometimes ...

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Can breathing in gecko feces make me sick?

I have a roommate who has 10 geckos in tiny plastic cages in our shared bathroom. She feeds them once a month and never cleans ...

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