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I have a tiny red dot on my lip?

I've had it ever since I can remember, and it isn't a bump, and it isn't painful. It is very small. Could it be a freckle or a ...

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What should I do about my 5 year old weeping cherry that got buds that never opened?

It got really cold in February and it got tiny buds, then it was freezing cold for about 6 weeks. No leaves no flowers. Still just the tiny buds. ...

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Mites living in my mouth?

It’s revolting. Whenever I rinse my mouth, scores..sometimes hundreds of tiny creatures pepper my sink. They are not”miniscule”, ...

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How to decor a tiny office to fit more people?

Hi everyone... For temporary bases we have to share a 9 sqm office and we're 6 people!! LOL I'm looking for any ...

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Bug spray in mouth?

got a tiny bit of raid bug spray in mouth am I ok i rinsed and brushed teeth several times

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I bleed when I poo and I get a feeling every now and again where I can't breathe in because it hurts

Nearly everytime I poo, it has a tiny tint of red to it, or sometimes ...

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These similes are all mixed up. Use the given list of words to find the best match to simile?

4. Cecilia looked out the window of the airplane to see the people way ...

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