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How is retinal detachment treated with laser surgery?

Laser surgery for retinal detachment is often used to create small burns around the detached area. This creates scar tissue that helps seal the ...

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What Is Retinal Detachment (RD)?

Retinal Detachment is a severe eye condition where the retina, a vital layer of tissue at the back of the eye, separates from its normal position. It ...

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How is Glaucoma treated?

Traditional Surgery: it is also known as Trabeculectomy or tube shunt. The doctor uses the patient's own tissue to create a new drainage ...

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Can you get pregnant from fingering with dried sperm on hand after licked and wiped?

Me and my girlfriend had some fun today. I fap and cummed on my own hand. Then, I ...

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Does eating toilet/tissue paper really act as a laxative?

I heard that eating toilet paper then drinking an 8 oz. glass of water acts as a laxative? does it really? Im ...

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Health - How can I get rid of scar tissue?

...I have a few scars on my tummy, one isnt a problem but the other is shortlengthed,yet very raised and RED! WHAT DO I DO??!! ...

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