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I had a recent minor oral surgery to remove gum tissue due to a cavity but there's still some...

..tissue left on my tooth. What do I do? (It's been 5 days since the surgery).

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Why do my handkerchiefs/tissues smell awful?

I bought packs of paper handkerchief, paper tissues, or whatever they’re called, and they bear the smell of a strong chemical substance. When I ...

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Can you get pregnant from fingering with dried sperm on hand after licked and wiped?

Me and my girlfriend had some fun today. I fap and cummed on my own hand. Then, I ...

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Does eating toilet/tissue paper really act as a laxative?

I heard that eating toilet paper then drinking an 8 oz. glass of water acts as a laxative? does it really? Im ...

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Health - How can I get rid of scar tissue?

...I have a few scars on my tummy, one isnt a problem but the other is shortlengthed,yet very raised and RED! WHAT DO I DO??!! ...

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