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Excel - I use a spreadsheet to keep track of people I am working with. When I first started using?

... it, the names would populate alphabetically by first name. those have stayed alphabetical. Now, new names are not going in alphabetically, ...

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Looking for websites to find other people online to collab with on some music tracks?

For example, I've got some songs that need some lyrics and vocals. Would be awesome to find someone who might be interested

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Do retainers make you less attractive?

I have retainers and then getting train tracks this year! But i dont know if it will put my crush of me if he does like me. Please ...

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Why am I slow?

Last year I was new to running and I was really good. I did a 19 minute 5k. Now, I struggle to run in the 20s and my mile time is like 20 seconds off my PR ...

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I am legally blind but desperately want to golf. is there a way for me to golf and track my ball?

Basically do they make a tracking device easy to use so I can hit my ...

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