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What gender is Brock's Marshtomp and What's its Ability?

Hey there, i was just wondering because as a Mukdkip it was motherly, but when it evolved it had the same personality as Brock it's trainer. ...

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Interview question?

Hi I’ve just got a interview for a Travel Trainer job, and they’ve asked me to think about an answer for this scenario “You have ...

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I got this trainer ID and is it good for shiny hunting?

I just started up Pokémon Platinum and was hoping for a shiny ID. But I’m not super great with all the calculations it takes to find out ...

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What is a good example of a good Pokemon trainer ID to hunt for shinies?

I heard your Pokemon Trainer ID boosts your luck of getting a shiny. I am soft reseting for a ...

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I would like to get SAP IS retail Training, Who are the best online trainers?

I am working with retail super market; I don’t have much time to go at training ...

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Which shoes are better?

Hi, I am getting some new trainers but, I don't know which one is better. I can have either: Nike air max 1 or Nike air force (white) any ...

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What can my career be that can involve all of those?

I love fitness and nutrition, being a personal trainer seems like an amazing idea. But I also love writing fiction. ...

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Can someone help me with the best way to rid my colt of nipping?

I am a young, but experienced horse rider/trainer. This is the fourth colt I have trained. He was a ...

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