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MSNBC - When Donald trump lies, why don'tt the reporters call him a liar right on the spot?

Peoples lives are at stake. He is not a dictator like he thinks he is. Some of us went to war so you reporters could call him out on it.

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Can President Trump through executive order require all public officials paid with U.S. tax...

...dollars to disclose their taxes for each year of public service?

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Do you trust Donald Trump to be president?

I don't.

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Why do gay rights trump religious morals ?

In the country many people are thumping/stumping for gay rights at the expense of certain people's morals. Why do the gay ...

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Who thinks Donald Trump will be America's #1 thug?

I don't like Trump like most of you don't/do.

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Why is everyone against Donald Trump, trying to stop him?

I have read the news and I have seen people trying to "stop trump", and now you even have the ...

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Wer ist Donald Trump ?

Wer ist Donald Trump ?

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