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LMP due date is February 24 but at my 11w4d ultrasound August 9th I was measuring 4 days ahead?

... (12w1d) and at my 19w3d ultrasound I was only measuring 3 days ahead.. can one of you break when my conception most likely was and which date is ...

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I went to hospital to get an ultrasound cheeked and the result say the uterus is of normal size...

... the patient' sage. Endometrial stripe is unremarkable no evidence of retained secretion or focal masses no evidence of free fluid in the ...

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Ultrasound for leg shows something weird so I have to get an MRI. What could it be?

I've been having horrible cramps in my leg. Ive been waking up from them and not even being able to walk. Could not stretch it out but could not ...

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Why am I feeling this way?

I went for my nuchal ultrasound yesterday my baby was being very stubborn with the ultrasound lady. We were watching it for an hour, I saw it ...

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Hi I went to my doctor yesterday and I had ultrasound done, and told me I have thick lining and I?

... missed my perion last month I had my blood test done and I ...

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Google - My left testicle has been bothering me for quite some time now. I went to the hospital to?

... get it checked out. They took an ultrasound and checked my urin. ...

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When did I conceive?

I am currently 6 months pregnant. My first ultrasound my doctor went off of my LMP and said I was around 13 weeks pregnant but after she did the ...

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What's it mean when my doctor does a pregnancy test than sends me for blood work for different?

... things than tells me he wants me back n a week for a ultrasound but ...

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