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Can you suspend a student for flushing gym uniforms down a school toilet?

I am a gym teacher, and I've recently had a problem. Students' gym uniforms have been found in the locker room toilets.I have had ...

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Two trains P and Q leave the same station on parallel lines. Train P starts at rest (7M) with?

... uniform acceleration of 0.2 rad/s2 attains a speed of 10 m/s. Further the speed is kept constant. Train Q leaves 30 seconds later with uniform ...

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Can I lighten a set of clothes using bleach in the washing machine? What ratio?

I have a set of dark grey/pewter medical scrubs I need to lighten up a few shades in order ...

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How should I Address to College Recommendation Letters?

As most college and university applications use a uniform application system for prospective students, it is ...

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Are Dominos delivery drivers required to wear hats?

About to be hired as a Dominos delivery driver and just wondering if I will be REQUIRED to wear the hat? Or is it up ...

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I have to wear a WHAT?

Uniforms for Soccer have never concerned me...but i just found out that this year (the year im starting lacrosse) they are making us wear the more ...

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