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Two trains P and Q leave the same station on parallel lines. Train P starts at rest (7M) with?

... uniform acceleration of 0.2 rad/s2 attains a speed of 10 m/s. Further the speed is kept constant. Train Q leaves 30 seconds later with uniform ...

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Where can I buy seppuku uniform?

I want to buy seppuku uniform for cosplay or larp, but I can't find anywhere to order online.

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School - A stone is dropped from a ballon that is descending at a uniform rate of 12m/s when it is?

... 1000m from the ground. a)Calculate the velocity and position of the stone after 10s and the time it takes the stone to hit the ground. b)Solve ...

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Can I lighten a set of clothes using bleach in the washing machine? What ratio?

I have a set of dark grey/pewter medical scrubs I need to lighten up a few shades in order ...

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How should I Address to College Recommendation Letters?

As most college and university applications use a uniform application system for prospective students, it is ...

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Are Dominos delivery drivers required to wear hats?

About to be hired as a Dominos delivery driver and just wondering if I will be REQUIRED to wear the hat? Or is it up ...

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I have to wear a WHAT?

Uniforms for Soccer have never concerned me...but i just found out that this year (the year im starting lacrosse) they are making us wear the more ...

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