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22 and Confused?

I recently moved 10 hours away from my boyfriend to live with my dad and try out a new university. Turns out my dad left me yet again, so I’ve ...

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Explain how the number of muscles fibres innervated by a motor neuron impacts on movment?

Hi I am currently doing a university types of question and I don't know what should I say for this type of question? Thank you for your help guys

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I am converting my freelance to a side business. Do you thing the name 'Antoinette Chaos' is good?

I am a photographer, and soon to be author. My main university studies is nothing related. I have a rather good portfolio, website, personal card ...

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My girlfriend wants to have sex with others!?

I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years and we are madly in love, but now she's staying in the university all ...

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Pregnant - I'm half way through University should I terminate my pregnancy?

I'm not with the guy and he is desperate for me to have an abortion as he thinks having a ...

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I want to do MBA in Finance Management by distance learning UGC approved university?

I had completed my I want to do MBA in Finance Management by distance learning ...

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Taking responsability or not?

Hello i'm in university, and every 4 months we have exams, and sometimes once of them exams i'm not ready so i go to my doctor and ...

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How much of an essay should be references?

I have just started my first university essay and i'm not sure how much should be your own ideas and how much you should ...

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