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How can we get the Best Outdoor Catering in Ahmedabad?

Shagun is a catering division of Upper Crust. Our outdoor catering services can efficiently serve a capacity ranging from 500 to 5000 and more people.

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Hole in a shallow Ikea coffee table?

I accidentally plunged a small hole through the upper board of my dad's shallow Ikea coffee table in his office, not knowing it was actually ...

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How long can a stomach ulcer go without treatment ?

I was told 3 years ago I had stomach ulcers in my upper stomach line, because I was feeling the symptoms of gaulblatter issues, they done a scope ...

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What does it mean if he touches my upper thigh?

I have a guy friend that I always joke around with, typical middle school flirting. Sometimes we joke around and hit each ...

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Upper and lower bounds maths help?

Helping my sister with some homework for a year 9 class, but I'm bad at maths too!:( 1) The length of a table is 200cm correct ...

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I'm a girl about to get my tattoo removed by laser, its on my upper arm. PLEASE READ?

i'm VERY scared. i love this tattoo but i wish i would have gotten it somewhere ...

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Upper ear piercing, second lower ear piercing, or none? Help!?

Hi there, So, I'm a girl who already has a piercing in each ear in the standard spot, smack dab in ...

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