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What computer should I get?

I am looking for an Apple computer with USB ports and a DVD/CD thing (I forgot the name for it). An older model will work (I’m actually looking ...

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Is it possible to boot a computer with a USB and an external HDD? (no internal)?

So I have a computer with a corrupted HDD, a replacement may take a long time. I was ...

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My ps3 is telling me to plug in controller to usb but controller doesn't have usb in back. Help!?

I have a charging station for my controllers and no usb in the back. I ...

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How can I use my android phone with my car radio?

My brother handed me down his car and the radio in it doesn't have a USB port, but it does have a wire coming out ...

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How do you fix Windows 10 Driver error?!?

So I was on my computer (Windows 10, keep that in mind) and I plugged in a USB Microphone (Rock Band Microphone for Wii/Xbox ...

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Usb problem!!?

guys i m a user of sony vaio. i am not been able to work on my usb files for about an year!! i have suffered enough and dont want to do more. so please ...

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