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Color of silver plated aluminum after baking in oven at 150 degree for 3 hrs?

We put a silver plated aluminum part in an oven at 150 degree for 3 hrs, the color got changed to light grey. Is it usual or something wrong?

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How do I delete Firefox bookmarks on my iMac?

The blue star promptly turns to white and the usual technique is not effective

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Is there a Snapchat emoji that shows/says you're their #1 best friend but not yours?

Besides the usual "best friend" emoji that shows up next to your friends name on snap? Hope I explained this well, haha. Thanks!

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Google - Hi, my period came 2 days late and it is a lot lighter than usual. I haven't had sex, and?

... I'm freaking out because I don't know what is wrong ...

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What happens when there's a huge temperature change in fridge?

So when my fridge is set at 2'C, does the fridge cooler activate (at 2'C as before) longer time ...

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I'm depressed,Please help me?

Today I went for a movie with my girlfriend as usual on Sundays,but this Sunday was different to me,What happened was we were watching Dhoom ...

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Light period not usual, negative pregnancy test, symptoms of getting my period could I be pregnant?

usually heavy period, but really light, took pregnancy test& ...

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