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So, I was really itchy down in my vaginal area & took a look to see. It looked as though it was?

... really red around a hair follicle and itches really bad. I pulled out the hair and it feels a little better now, but it looks like a tiny sore ...

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Vagina - Can I do too many kegel exercises, affecting my pelvic floor muscles?

I have been prescribed physical therapy for pelvic floor weakness related to bowel and bladder function. The kegel exercises create arousal often. I ...

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How is Spanking for 8 Year Olds?

Hi there, I'm only 8 and I have a crush on Matthew. I feel alright for him to spank me, but does it hurt? He squished my boob part ...

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Is it normal for an 11 year old to get her period?

Im 11 and I just got my period. Everybody got it in 4th grade exept me. Is it normal the that I was the last girl in ...

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Sex - Serious question is dvp and dp possible at the same time e?

in otherwords 2 in the vagina and one in the rear

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Sex- Can I be pregnant? HELP?

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend were dry humping naked, and he came on my vagina, but not in it. After some thrusting, I then tried to wipe ...

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