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Refrigerator ice maker replacement?

Replaced ice maker and water valve still no iced, but does have water in door.

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What does pg1 read when the dcv is at its home position?

Pressure relief valve is set to 250 psi The cylinder dimensions are 4 piston (bore)× 1.75 rod Pump is delivering 4 gpm flow rate There is a 800 ...

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Can I swap a 2.2 ecotec head with a 2.2 VVT ecotec head without any problems?

The 2.2 has a 4 in one coil pack. The VVT has 4 separate coils. Would I also be able to swap valve covers, and would the fit properly?

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A divice wich bu using the heat from a flame to expand or vaporize a liquid to open a valve,shuts?

... down an appliancees gas supply if the flame is extinguished

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Problem about Pipes & Cisterns?

If valve 'A' can fill the tank in 15 minutes and valve 'B' can empty the tank in 10 minutes, assuming the tank is full ...

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My 78 Olds 350cui engine leaks from valve cover. water pump front tubes R new. how 2stop it leaking?

I've got a 78 Oldsmobile 350 cui (no diesel) engine in an 78 ...

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Plz help me with the english comprehension?

"the valves with reference stroke times of less than or equal to 10 sec shall exhibit not more than a plus minus 25% nor ...

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Heart Valve Surgery?

What is minimally invasive heart valve surgery?

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