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My sister is with a guy who dosent have a driving licence. my sister has a provisional licence she?

... recently brought a van for her partner and shes having the insurance in her name. if they get pulled over who will get prosecuted my sister or ...

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What would be a good shoe brand store I could buy cool shoes?

I'm hoping for something juicy like the Footlocker, and Nike, and Vans. Which mall should I shop for? ...

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Hi Im jake Im 12 years old and my dad just died. I dont know how to handle thiw I love my dad?

Hi im jake im 12 years old and my dad just died. I just got a phone call ...

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Im going to a party and were going go cart racing and I dont know what to wear? Any Suggestions?

Im 11 years old and I can only wear my gray vans because i dont want to ...

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Fuse keeps blowing on engine electronics and van wont start vw transporter?

engine turns over / possible fuel problem?

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Is there any Movies and T.V shows like?

Are their any movies like Ghost Rider or Van Helsing? I've seen Sherlock, Dexter, The Musketeers and Game of Thrones, are ...

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