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Is cosin scaler or vector?

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Scalars and vectors?

The position vector of P and Q are 5i+4j+ak and -i+2j-2k respectively. If the distance between them is 7. Find the value of a.

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Define negative vectors?

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Two vectors A and B are such that A+B=A-B which one correct stement?

a................. A=0 B.................... B=0 C................... Neither A NOR B IS ZERO. ...

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Why isn't there a Desert eagle type of pistol with a Kriss Vector recoil System?

It seems like such a simple and great idea, that something must be stopping us.

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A bullet is moving at vector (2,1) & ricochets off a wall with ends at (4,5) and (8, 10) . X value?

If you could tell me how to solve this or an answer, both would be ...

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