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We chopped up meat and vegetables and cooked them with lots of spices. It was very good!?

... is this a correct pronoun sentence

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Very red sprinter (a dingbat quiz question, the answer is a vegetable)?

I have a quiz, i have done all the others but this 1 has me stumped. The answer is a vegetable. "very red sprinter"

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Which fruits and vegetables should be eaten regularly to get vitamins?

name the vitamins available

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If I only eat fruits, vegetables, and pasta for 3 weeks, will I lose a lot of weight ?

im 16, and overweight and im scared to stick my toothbrush down my throat so i ...

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How to increase 9 inches height?

Hey guys ;) I'm 15 and I'm 5'0 inches tall and I want to increase height, I know about drinking milk and vegetables, ...

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