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How new vegetable growing companies look for markets and strategic partners?

I've been thinking of buying a large and modern greenhouse and growing organic tomatoes in it. The question is where to look for strategic ...

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I can not eat vegetables. I dehydrate various veggies and grind them into powders. I put the powder?

... in gelatin or veggies capsules. I take 30-40 capsules a day. Will the actual capsules cause any health issues at this amount?

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Which fruits and vegetables should be eaten regularly to get vitamins?

name the vitamins available

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If I only eat fruits, vegetables, and pasta for 3 weeks, will I lose a lot of weight ?

im 16, and overweight and im scared to stick my toothbrush down my throat so i ...

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Why am I not losing weight or any inches?

I am only eating about 1500 calories a day. Lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Marking down everything I put in my mouth. I have ...

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