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Trying to recall the name of an obscure educational game from my childhood... [HARD QUESTION]?

Okay so for like over a year now, I've been trying to remember an old educational video game I played as a kid like a fever dream. I was ...

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What are the best mod tools to use for level editing?

I want to take a video game with an existing set of rules and build mods or levels with a lot of control.

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I hate talking to people unless I am doing something else as well. Why?

So I am wondering what is going on with myself. I don't really like talking even to my fiancee unless I am doing something else, like video ...

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In Far Cry 4, what would Pagan Min's hairstyle called? What would you tell a stylist if getting cut?

What would Pagan Min's hairstyle (Far Cry 4) be called exactly? ...

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Can anyone help me finding a name to a video game from years ago?

My dad and I used to play this game together on the PS2 console. It was about a little not who saves a ...

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How can I convince my parents to let me play Overwatch?

I told my parents that I wanted Overwatch, and they requested to see the trailer. Not 5 seconds passed after my ...

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Useful free video editor?

I've recently started making YouTube videos of myself playing video games but I don't have a good video editor. Before I purchase one ...

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