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What are some portable ways to protect against mosquitoes?

I am a volunteer and work in Africa. In my villages there are a lot of mosquitoes with which we constantly fight. But worst of all, when you're ...

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Which best replaces the question mark in the diagram above?

AWhite light makes it difficult for people to see stars at night. BDeerlick Astronomy Village was founded by two stargazers. CEast Coast city lights ...

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1. Introduction about any village of goalpara district(ASSAM). 2. objectives of that village.?

3. significances of the study of the village

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Did the accused "witches" of salem village get a fair trial given the time period and judicial?

... system at the witch trials time?

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There are 3 villages A,B and C such that the distance from A to B is 7 km ,from B to C is 5 km and?

... from C to A is 8 km.The gram pradhan wants to dig a well in such ...

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We in south sudan by then there was war and many lost there life and we got independance still there

... is killing of people in the towns even in the villages. Where ...

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Looking for a movie?

I remember only one scene of this movie. I know it's old and also in color... Parents in a village describe the perfect child (girl or boy) and ...

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Does anybody know the name of a Japanese animated cartoon movie from the 1980s?

Only thing I remember is that the main character was a girl named Hana living in a small ...

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