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Can someone get out of jail if they help me as a stabilizer for a explosive/dangerous condition?

Someone very important to me was jailed for a "violent" crime against her ex as she was being defensive. But her being arrested and ...

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Let's say an unknown murderer is killing only wanted, violent felons. What will the police do?

The murderer in question only goes after crooks like human traffickers, gangsters, loan sharks and drug dealers. He never harms innocent civilians or ...

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Every time my parents bring up a flaw I know I have, why do I yell, cry and sometime violent?

As you may not know I'm autistic. I have a lot of problems facing my emotions. I feel sluggish all the time and I don't feel like doing ...

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Is There a Correlation Between Video Games and Violent Behavior?

Do you believe that playing video games (especially violent video games), can lead a person to develop ...

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Rabies, or territory?

So, I have 3 cats. Two of them are kittens that are about one year old, and one is an older 16 year old cat. The older cat is acting badly (peeing ...

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Want to play maturer games but parents don't like mature (violent if you want to call it) games?

I'm 13 and am very mature (in my opinion) I've gotten to the ...

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Violent sex, Psychological Point of view, Help?

So Lets start with one thing, I can't have orgasm while having sex with my boyfriend. Im close to having an orgasm ...

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