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Can you give me the list of things not to ask?

For Instance, people are very sensitive to you asking them, their age, who they vote for, where they are going, when they would be back, who they are ...

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I was reading the Constitution and it said that the Vice President is to be elected. If this is true

... why do we not get to vote for our Vice Preident

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Congress Question?

Can you contempt a filibuster in a Senate hearing without a vote during the hearing if the Chair who is also Senate Majority Leader? Please leave ...

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just curious, if you could would you vote yes for equal marriage rights? (social experiment) p.s please no hate!

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How can I check to see if I'm registered to vote?

Is there a phone number I can call or website I can look up? What do I need in terms of ID?

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Need votes for dog name?

my husband and i are getting a red heeler (australian cattle dog) female pup. we've compiled a list of 30 names! we like them all some more ...

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The US Constitution of 1787 made the following rules about who could vote?

A. It left it to the States B. Only rich white males could vote C. Only white males with ...

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Which one of these bands would you pick?

Well, I'm doing this project for school based on bracket making and it's supposed to be fun. I just need more votes for ...

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