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How long should I wait after eating in the night to go to bed?

I just ate and I don't know when it is safe to go to bed

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When can the priority of a java thread get lowered?

A. When sleep() is called B. When yield() is called C. When preempted by a higher priority thread D. When wait() is called

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Do you have the right to question someone if they ask you not to eat in their car?

If someone asks you not to eat in their car because they're driving and want to wait to eat together when you get back home, are they being over ...

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How long do you have to wait to write someone while your in navy boot camp?

My boyfriend left for the navy September 5th he told me he wasn't sure when or even if he ...

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How to make time go faster?

I go boarding school and it really sucks here. I can't wait till end of the year because I'm gonna be leaving but the only problem ...

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How to get my bf to be more affectionate?

Hi. i am 13 and my boyfrend and i started dating a few days ago. the problem is we never talk. we are both shy about ...

8 answers | 1 star | Open

Topic to talk abt while talking with a girl?

i have this problem i am really shy and when i walk next to a girl i usually just wait till she starts a topic , but later it ...

2 answers | 1 star | Open

Love - Well ive been talking to this girl for awhile, and we both like each other but she cant have?

... a boyfriend till she's 15 so, i dont know what to do ask ...

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