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Has anyone experienced anxiety and having to keep moving? Be it run in, walking or crawling?

My adult child is having anxiety attacks and feelings of heart “flutters” when they try to be still. So in turn they do anything physical ...

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My1st love was a walking red flag but I loved him bt 2nd bf is very kind bt I still miss my ex why?

Why i still miss him though my 2nd love is kind , a pure hearted and a nice person

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How old would've ron anderson (from twd tv) been in s1?

Talking about Ron from the walking dead tv show.

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Love - U and me walking on the road at 12 (midnight). Suddenly you're getting a beep sound in ur?

... phone and it shows that its my birthday .what gift u will give me ...

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Is this rape?

Well last summer I had some issues with my best friend the next day he started to touch me and pull me closer to him when we where walking down the alley ...

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What does Beth mean when she says "I get it now" right before she stabs Dawn in Walking Dead?

Mid season finale of Walking dead, Season 5.

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Is my Chihuahua losing use of her hind legs?

My Chihuahua is 12 years old and recently I have noticed she occasionally has trouble walking on her hind legs. Sometimes she ...

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Ok I've been having weird dreams. What can they mean?

The first one I had was with this dark haired girl that was in this yard with a well. She was walking around and ...

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