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An Elizabethan country house built between 1590 and 1597 by countess known as Bess?

The famous saying about the house being more glass than wall gives an indication of its owners wealth as windows were very,very expensive in ...

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Is there a way to detect military drones, spy planes or UAVs that can see through walls or use ther?

Also, by law, do citizens have to sue for these things to be gone, and would the higher-ups have no way of removing these technologies controlled by ...

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A bullet is moving at vector (2,1) & ricochets off a wall with ends at (4,5) and (8, 10) . X value?

If you could tell me how to solve this or an answer, both would be really appreciated. This is a math problem I was not in class to learn how to do ...

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Fbook: can I prevent one person(A) from seeing wall posts, comments& tagged fotos from another(B)?

In Facebook how can I prevent one friend (A) from seeing Wall posts, ...

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What's the name of the song in the new ikea commercial? the lyrics were "the only walls for me"?

it's a 2014 commercial. there was also a lyric, "just four ...

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Will punching a wall or something similar around once every fortnight damage my hand permanently?

So sometimes I get really angry and punch a wall or something similar, ...

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Who had visited the Great Wall in China?

Next years I have a 7-day holiday, I plan to visit China, especially Beijing. Heard of the Great Wall, is there someone would ...

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